Moonrise Sister

£22.00 - £44.00
  • Moonrise Sister

Out of the murky lake she emerges, integrated with her shadows, at one with the moon and a deep sense of serenity; knowing that her home resides within her and that she will always be home.

The darkness is her ally, the day too, but she is at ease where once she shied away.

Limited Edition Giclée print on premium quality heavyweight paper with a beautifully smooth texture and a matt finish. Only 25 available. Each one numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

You are buying the print only unless you contact me for a custom order.

Pieces are also available framed. - Created in A2 but also available in A3 and A4.
These pieces are created to transform you and your environment.

Each piece has been infused and coded with a frequency of healing and transformational alchemy. If you are called to a piece, it has something for you.