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  • prosperity
  • prosperity


Wheat has been a symbol of prosperity, loving kindness and fortuitous blessings since the beginning of human civilization. Often called the staff of life, its long-standing symbolism of fertility, bounty and resurrection comes from the obvious associations with harvest and bread. Across the world and time it has been seen as a totem of prosperity, love, home and hearth, harvest, (re)birth and hope.

If this piece is calling you it is time to let these blessings into your life. This is a turning point for you, you are ready to receive the blessings of prosperity into your world.

Limited Edition Giclée print on premium quality heavyweight paper with a beautifully smooth texture and a matt finish. Only 25 are available. Each one is numbered and signed.

You are buying the print only unless you contact me for a custom order.

These pieces are created to transform you and your environment.
Each piece has been infused and coded with a frequency of healing and transformational alchemy. If you are called to a piece, it has something for you.