HUGS + HEARTS Mandala (Metallic Foil Option)

£44.00 - £66.00
  • HUGS + HEARTS Mandala (Metallic Foil Option)
  • HUGS + HEARTS Mandala (Metallic Foil Option)

'HUGS + Hearts Mandala’

Orient to kindness, to compassion, to comfort.

When people hug for 20 seconds or more, the feel-good hormone oxytocin is released which creates a stronger bond and connection between the huggers. Oxytocin has been shown to boost the immune system and reduce stress.

Not everyone was raised with a healthy level of oxytocin though and when you've been raised with norepinephrine as the predominant connection hormone it requires somatic adjustment to allow yourself to enjoy feeling good.

If you are drawn to this piece, you are being invited to orient to hugs and hearts, to get more oxytocin, to be in deeper connection with your hearts intelligence and allow yourself to orient to comfort.

Limited Edition Giclée print on premium quality heavyweight paper with a beautifully smooth texture and a matt finish. Only 25 are available. Each one is numbered and signed.

You are buying the print only unless you contact me for a custom order.


These pieces are created to transform you and your environment.
Each piece has been infused and coded with a frequency of healing and transformational alchemy. If you are called to a piece, it has something for you.