SACRED REBIRTH Mandala (metallic foil)

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  • SACRED REBIRTH Mandala (metallic foil)
  • SACRED REBIRTH Mandala (metallic foil)

'Sacred REBIRTH Mandala'

The natural cycle of birth, death, and rebirth happens to include death. A word that often brings up imagery associated with fear, pain, and horror, “death” is actually a necessary and beautiful part of life that our modern culture could stand to embrace and honour more.

Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism all recognise a continuous cycle of life, death and rebirth. This cycle is known as Saṃsāra. While they have differing beliefs about 'escaping' samsara, it is sometimes said that rebirths occur in six realms of existence, namely three 'good' realms (heavenly, demi-god, human) and three 'evil' realms (animal, ghosts, hellish).

Samsara ends if a person attains nirvana, moving beyond desires and gaining true insight into impermanence and non-self reality.

This piece is for you if you find yourself experiencing your own ancestral legacy of Samsara, and rather than wishing to escape - find yourself in a place of meeting that impermanence. It might be just the anchor required if you are ready to halt identification with 'good' and 'evil' choosing instead to label your experience as perspective or patterns.


Limited Edition Giclée print on premium quality heavyweight paper with a beautifully smooth texture and a matt finish. Only 25 are available. Each one is numbered and signed.

You are buying the print only unless you contact me for a custom order.

These pieces are created to transform you and your environment.
Each piece has been infused and coded with a frequency of healing and transformational alchemy. If you are called to a piece, it has something for you.