Seeds of Joy

£44.00 - £66.00
  • Seeds of Joy
  • Seeds of Joy
  • Seeds of Joy
  • Seeds of Joy
  • Seeds of Joy

The cycles of death and rebirth are perpetual and in each death there are always seeds of joy.

This piece is specifically created to honour our female lineage.

Nearly all of us were conceived in our mother’s womb and most would consider this as the point in time when we started our life.

However, the egg that we came from was not made by our mother, but by our grandmother. We are far more connected to our grandmothers than most may realise. The food she ate, her habits and her life contributed to the formation of the eggs inside her daughter, the same seeds that years later become you.

Your foundations go all the way back to your maternal grandmother, this piece is an honouring of our grandmothers and the seeds they created that we are living now.

This piece is full of blessings for intergenerational healing and the power to create great life from tiny seeds.

Limited Edition Giclée print on premium quality heavyweight paper with a beautifully smooth texture and a matt finish. Only 25 available. Each one is numbered and signed.

You are buying the print only unless you contact me for a custom order.

These pieces are created to transform you and your environment.

Each piece has been infused and coded with a frequency of healing and transformational alchemy. If you are called to a piece, it has something for you.